Faculty Spotlight


Lydia Fort



"I am a theatre director – a world creator. I bring powerful, relevant plays to life onstage and educate young artists for catalyzing social change," explains Professor Lydia Fort, Theater Studies newest faculty member. 

Arriving Fall 2017, Professor Fort has quickly committed herself to engaging theater students and the broader Emory undergraduate community, and has been thoroughly impressed by what she describes as "[Emory's undergraduates'] passion, their commitment towards putting their knowledge and talents towards improving the world."

When asked how her work with students and research support Emory’s academic plan, Professor Fort notes she sees an immediate connection to a deeper engagement with Atlanta, something she notes theater and the performing arts are uniquely positioned to do: "It is my hope that my future at Emory will allow me to create coursework and programs that unite the theatre program with the greater Atlanta community. Using theatre for creative community development and advancing social justice is a core pillar of my own and being able to unite that with one of Emory’s pillars is why I am thrilled to be at Emory."

Noting that many students are attracted by Emory's ability to strike a balance between STEM and the Arts, Professor Fort discusses the importance--and relevance--of "STEAM"--that is, STEM fully integrated by the Arts.  "The performing arts and theatre specifically help to nurture one’s creativity. More and more scholars are recognizing that creativity is essential in every field. From science to math, it is the creative impulse that drives innovation and productivity." Commenting further, Professor Fort notes that what makes the liberal arts so valuable is that it seeks to educate the whole person; and as a systems thinker, education should seek to develop the interrelated nature of the human brain.

Theater Studies and Emory University look forward to an academic community running, more and more, on S.T.E.A.M power. 

Aaron Mayer

Aaron Mayer portraitAaron Mayer currently serves as a lecturer in Theatre at Emory University and is Technical Director for Theatre Emory. Aaron has worked in many aspects of technical theatre production including carpentry, metalworking, rigging, automation, and lighting, and he introduces these skills to theater majors and undergraduates from across campus. Professionally, Aaron has worked in technical theatre at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, University of Northern Iowa, Northern Illinois University, and as freelance technical designer and draftsman, and extensive samples of his work can be seen www.aaronmayer.com.