Julia Weeks

2015 Alumni


Theater Studies and Economics, 2015
Houston, TX

Since Emory

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Current activities

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Highlights at Emory

  • Performing Henrietta Musgrove in Jane Austen's Persuasion
  • Performing Vivian Bearing in my favorite play, Wit
  • Learning how to operate a light board during The Lieutenant of Inishmore,
  • Designing makeup for Starving Artist's production of The Phantom Tollbooth
  • Acting: Fundamentals with Professor Janice Akers.
  • Principles of Design with Professor Sarah Culpepper and Elizabeth Waldman.

In retrospect

When I first started getting involved in the theater program at Emory, I was surprised at how tightknit and supportive the community was. The professors are spectacular and really want you to succeed both academically and professionally. There's a vibrant student theater program which gives students the opportunity to direct, design, stage manage, and act; and Theater at Emory allows students to perform alongside and learn from professionals. There's so much opportunity here that it's easy to overcommit yourself, which I was definitely guilty of.