Christina Wallace

Entreprenuer, Podcaster, and Speaker

2005 Alumni


Theater Studies, BA and Mathematics, BS (C'05)
MBA, Harvard Business School (C'10)

At Emory, I established friendships with professors that continue to this day, and got to direct, through student theater, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown andm for my honors thesis, Three Days of Rain.  

I also served as assistant director for Leap, a play written by (then student) Lauren Gunderson, who would go on to the most produced playwright in America of 2017, the winner of the Lanford Wilson Award, the Steinberg/ATCA New Play Award and the Otis Guernsey New Voices Award

My public speaking skills were developed entirely through acting classes and performances. Same goes for my sales ability and networking skills. My ability to be scrappy and hustle and make something with practically nothing (and no time) was honed through student theater. The Emory friends that remain in my life more than a decade later are my sorority sisters and my theater friends. I think that says everything.

Upon graduation, I served as the Rosemary Magee Arts Associate at Emory, which led to my work in arts management at the Metropolitan Opera, and, eventually, my pursuit of an MBA at Harvard Business School. After a year in management consulting, I founded and became CEO of Quincy Apparel.

I am currently the Vice President of Growth at Bionic, an enterprise growth solution that installs startup ecosystems into large enterprises, enabling them to discover and build the future. I am also the co-host of The Limit Does Not Exist, a Forbes podcast focused on the intersection of STEM and the arts, and a freelance writer, including as a contributor for

For more, check out my website, which details all of my current projects.