Kate Vangeloff

Theater Marketing

2008 Alumni


Music Major (Vocal Performance), Theater Studies Minor, 2008
Chicago, IL
Assistant Director of Marketing for Group Sales and Community Relations at Court Theatre, a professional theater on campus at the University of Chicago

Since Emory

After graduating from Emory, I transitioned from pursuing a career as an opera singer to pursuing a career in theater administration. It took over a year for me to figure out what I wanted to do after I decided to stop singing. During this time I had many jobs: I worked as a camp counselor in Atlanta, a preschool teacher in Louisville, KY, and a farmhand on a vineyard in Jacksonville, Oregon. The Theater Studies department then put me in contact with a producer at Second City, where I had my first administrative internship. I then interned at the Goodman Theatre as a marketing/publicity intern and finally at Berkeley Repertory Theatre as the 2011/12 marketing fellow. 

Current activities

I am currently a member of Sour Mash Productions, a tiny production company dedicated to getting new work on its feet and in front of an audience. I also continue to work with my former classmate (and partner of 5.5 years), Nate Green, on artistic projects.

Highlights at Emory

I loved theater at Emory! There are too many highlights to list here, but I will say it was definitely where I felt most at home on campus, which was invaluable. Even though I was a theater studies minor, I truly felt included by the entire faculty and community. My favorite classes were definitely Movement for the Actor, Speeches & Monologues, and Developing a Role.  I will never, ever forget these classes. They helped me develop both as an artist and a person. My favorite show was without a doubt Ad Hoc's production of Batboy: The Musical, in which I played Meredith. 

In retrospect

Theater at Emory gave me my most important asset – confidence. Following Emory, I made a career change, moved five times, and made the leap from being an intern directly to being the Assistant Director of Marketing at a large theater, and all within three years. I don't think I could have successfully navigated any of these challenges without the confidence I gained from my experience in the theater department.

And …

Any alums are welcome to contact me if you're ever in Chicago!