Madeline Teissler

Teacher and Artist

2013 Alumni


Theater Studies and English, 2013
Teacher and artist 
Atlanta, GA

Since Emory

I have been teaching 7th graders at Cliff Valley School (just down the street from Clairmont). My two co-teachers and I teach Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts to 23 wonderful kids! I was even able to bring Tim Harland in to our art class for a portion of his thesis performance in mask work (we were studying Ancient Greece in Social Studies), which led to my kids making their own masks.

Current Activities

I am also involved with Théâtre du Rêve, a theater company run by Emory Theater alumni Park Krausen. I have been volunteering in fundraising and development this fall, and I recently performed in a collaborative piece between Atlanta artists and the French collective G. Bistaki. I will also be understudying a part at the Alliance in the spring.

I am also coaching basketball, helping with the middle grades theater production, as well as playing with other musical(ish) teachers in a faculty  band called “Rose and the Knomes.” 

Highlights at Emory

My highlights include the madness of acting in TE’s Lieutenant of Inishmore, adapting and directing The Phantom Tollbooth, and TE’s Night of the Iguana all in the same year. And anything involving the words, “new works.” Researching international productions of Shakespeare in London (summer of 2012) on SIRE and FOTE grants, as well as working as a World Shakespeare Project intern that same summer for the English department, are also noteworthy.

I cannot stress how much both Theater Administration and Aesthetics and Criticism impacted my life. The shared characteristic of these two classes is how the ideas and conversations from class expanded beyond the theater – beyond “what is art and why do we make it happen” – into how you go about living as a member of the numerous communities you are a part of throughout your life.  

In retrospect

Always be willing to try new things – especially if they scare you. WORK ETHIC. Allow yourself to be inspired by others and therefore, to inspire others. Be kind. Create a community: take care of yourself and each other. I want to continue to build the rest of my life on the values that I learned while a part of this very special Emory community.