Colin Spurway

BBC Media Action

1997 Alumni


University of St. Andrews, 1995
Bobby Jones Scholar, 1996-97
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Development Manager, BBC Media Action

Since Emory

I have been working in humanitarian aid and development for a range of non-governmental organizations mainly in Central and South Asia. Three years ago I joined the BBC's international development charity - BBC Media Action - and since then I have been managing development projects that use mass media as their primary tool. I started on political discussion shows and educational programs in Bangladesh, then managed humanitarian response radio in Pakistan during the flooding in 2010.

Current activities

I am currently the Director of a major youth project in Cambodia. We use TV drama and magazine shows, live events, online content, and phone-in radio shows to give young people access to information and inspiration to help them get more involved in serious decision-making. We cover topics such as public speaking skills, teamwork, engaging with the local government, using arts for self-expression, and working with the media. It's a little bit like 'Rock The Vote' in some ways. Go to if you want to see a short video about it all. 

Highlights at Emory

The highlight of my time at Emory was performing in the newly constructed Shakespearean theater space. The production of The Tempest was particularly memorable, in part because the audience was fully lit and the pretense of a fourth wall was shattered. That still stays with me. 

In retrospect

Emory gave me fantastic experience in performance and directing which helps me considerably in leading major TV drama projects with real confidence. Drama is an extraordinary educational tool, but even more so in places where freedom of expression is constrained. So I am very grateful for the foundation that T.E. provided me.