Kristen Silton

Theater Marketing Manager

2010 Alumni


Theater Studies and Mathematics, 2010
Atlanta, GA
Marketing Manager, Horizon Theater Company
Co-director, Wedding Belles

Since Emory

After graduation I worked for the Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts for a year and a half doing marketing and communications for the arts departments. In 2012 I married fellow Theater Studies alumnus Jordan Silton.

Current activities 

I am now employed as the Marketing Manager at Horizon Theatre Company and have recently started a wedding planning company with fellow Theater Studies alumna Jordan Flowers called Wedding Belles.

Highlights at Emory

I spent most of my time stage-managing and designing Ad Hoc and other student theater productions. I also served on the Ad Hoc and Alpha Psi Omega boards. I did have one stint onstage in the chorus of Urinetown – the musical that turned non-dancers into dancers.

In retrospect

Theater at Emory provided me with a well-rounded view of what it takes to work in professional non-profit theater. I found two inspiring mentors in Leslie Taylor and Pat Miller who continue to give me advice today, and the connections I was able to make with other artists and administrators in Atlanta while still a student have been invaluable.