Rachel Shuey

MFA Candidate

Yale School of Drama

2010 Alumni


Rachel Shuey
Theater Studies and BBA 2010
MFA Candidate, Yale School of Drama

Since Emory

After Emory I worked as a supply chain and logistics consultant for Capgemini Consulting. The experience was a great way to dip my feet into the corporate world with the full knowledge that I would ultimately quit to pursue theater. After a year and a half, I quit and started the acting internship at Actor's Express and worked on various productions around town. I then spent a year building the drama program at St. Benedict's in Smyrna before deciding to go back to school.

Current activities

I am currently in my second year of the Theater Management MFA program at the Yale School of Drama. As a second-year student, I alternate between course work and my professional job as the Company Manager for Yale Repertory Theatre.

Highlights at Emory

I loved everything about my theater experience at Emory. Working with professional actors as a student, training under some of the most profound creative minds I've ever encountered, and approaching theater from a highly rigorous academic framework all formed the basis for the theater professional I am today. And TAKING RISKS. I didn't realize until I got out into the professional world just how amazing it is to be able to run around in a spandex bodysuit for Peer Gynt or wear an oversized chef's hat for Miss Julie or just feel like you are in a place where it is safe to “fail”.  One of my favorite experiences was working on my directed study of George Bernard Shaw's women with Michael Evenden, Lisa Paulsen, and Alice Benston. That work, combined with the piece I brought a few summers ago to the Breaking Ground series, inspired me to pursue producing and management.

Advice to current students

This is a small world, y'all. The good work you do will come back to you twofold. So do good work.