Luv Joy Seamon

Performer, Choreographer, Teacher

1997 Alumni


Theatre and  Psychology, Dance minor, 1997
Madison, WI
M.A., Dance Therapy, Columbia College
Expressive therapist, Northstar Counseling Center
Performer/Choreographer/Director/Teacher, Cycropia Aerial Dance
Teaching Artist, VSA of Wisconsin
Aerial Silks and trapeze instructor, Wild Rumpus Circus

Since Emory

After graduating from Emory, Luv moved to Chicago to pursue a Master’s degree in Dance Therapy from Columbia College, Chicago.  While attending graduate school Luv completed a teacher’s training in Pilates and taught private and group lessons at a number of studios.  Along with 3 fellow Pilates instructors, Luv started the dance company “SHE,” which specialized in modern dance with a theatrical twist.  SHE’s choreography often incorporated text and spoken word and dealt with issues young women face in our society.  Upon graduation from Columbia, Luv spent 6 years working as a dance therapist at the Institute for Therapy through the Arts (ITA). In addition to serving as director of the dance and drama therapy departments, and providing individual and group therapy, Luv was on a team that developed an inclusive musical theatre program in which individuals with and without disabilities worked together to create and perform musical theatre productions.  While at ITA, Luv also served as co-artistic director of LAVA dance collective, a contact-improvisation performance company.  Since its founding in 2001, LAVA has performed throughout the U.S from New York, NY to Berkley, CA.  Luv has remained active in the contact improvisation community and is serving as curator for the 2012 Great Lakes Area Contact Improv Enthusiast Retreat (GLACIER). In 2008, Luv moved to Madison, WI and began working at Northstar Counseling Center where she provides group verbal and expressive therapy to adolescents and their families.  Luv is also a member of Cycropia Aerial Dance, a performance company that has brought innovative and athletic aerial dance performance to Madison since 1991.

Current activities

As a core member of Cycropia Aerial Dance, Luv has been involved in choreographing and performing since 2008, and as of 2012 she has directed four fully staged, evening-length performances.  In 2011 Luv created and performed a solo on chains that dealt with her experiences working in an addiction hospital in Chicago’s inner city.  Madison’s Capital Times described the piece as “an emotional high point of the show.”  In addition to performing and working as a therapist, Luv enjoys teaching dance on the ground, as well as in the air, and facilitates weekly movement group for children and adults with disabilities.

Highlights at Emory

While at Emory she had the opportunity to participate in a variety of performances in the theater and dance departments. A highlight of her experience with Theatre Emory was the opportunity to choreograph and perform in The Tempest during her senior year. The department built a replica of an Elizabethan theatre and students had the opportunity to explore the eccentricities of this two-story structure. It was a unique experience to perform “outside the proscenium,” and to work with professional actors from all over Atlanta. Through the dance department she also had the opportunity to choreograph a “site specific” piece for the stage that used the multi-level structure. An academic highlight of her time at Emory was a class on Joseph Chaikin and the Open Theatre taught by Vincent Murphy. In the class she learned to create work that combined movement and text to convey a feeling. She also learned to generate text from movement as well as generate movement from text. What she learned there has had a large influence on the way she works as an artist today.

In retrospect

The most important skills that Luv learned while working with theatre at Emory was the ability to improvise and think critically.  At Emory she was encouraged to participate in all aspects of theatre, from writing, to design, to critique, to performance.  In this age of tight budgets and limited arts funding, having the skills to do more than just perform are essential.  She was challenged and at times pushed beyond her comfort zones, which helped her to develop the self-confidence to go forth into the world and create the art that she finds moving.