Scott Turner Schofield

Actor, Writer, Producer

2002 Alumni


Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture and Theatre Studies minor, 2002
Based in Atlanta, touring constantly.
Actor, producer 

Since Emory

In 2003 I began touring with the one-man show I developed at Emory and stopped waiting tables to do it full-time in 2004, when I premiered my second one-man show and received a Tanne Foundation Award. In 2007 I received a National Performance Network Creation Fund commission to create my 3rd solo show, had my first book published, and received a Princess Grace Foundation Fellowship for acting. I spent the fellowship time working at 7 Stages in Atlanta, where I assisted French director Eric Vigner and German actress Anne Tismer. In 2008, the collection of my solo performance scripts was a finalist in two categories for the Lambda Literary Awards and was put on the American Library Association’s Rainbow List. In 2010 I accepted the position of Artistic and Executive Director at Out North Contemporary Art House in Anchorage, Alaska, where I instituted a program to support collaborations between artists of all genres on our productions and gallery shows that just received a $250k grant from ArtPlace America!

Current activities

I left Alaska to join Eric Vigner’s company in France, where we are currently touring a work by Christophe Honoré called “La Faculté” until May 2013; and I am at work on my next performance piece.

Highlights at Emory

At Emory, as in life, I was rather outside the box, and this was totally accepted and supported –even celebrated – doing theater at Emory. I got an excellent education in traditional theater at Emory, but I was also completely supported to go my own way. My interest in solo performance was treated as seriously as another’s dedication to Shakespeare. Very simply, I would not be where I am today without the support of the TS/TE faculty, which has never ceased, even 10 years later. Nor would I be here without the friends I made in class and working on shows, most of whom I still hold dear in my heart while we continue to make work together.

In retrospect

The academic rigor of my top three theater classes made me a better artist (well, made me an artist at all). Speeches and Monologues, Creating New Works, and Aesthetics and Criticism each drove me to seek deeper, take precision seriously, and also to play to my heart’s delight. Theater Administration gave me the nuts and bolts I needed when I became, many years later, an artistic executive. My final project in that class looked very much like the program I created in Alaska for our local artists, and my final project for graduation was the one-man show that launched my career. So I would say I took away rather a lot.


I had the choice to go to a major New York City university, but that program did not allow freshmen students the opportunity to perform. I chose Emory instead, whose program is far less well known - and I landed a leading acting role at the same time as taking a playwriting class from a Nobel Laureate and a Pulitzer Prize winner that year. Guess I made the right choice.