Ashley Schindler

Actor, Teaching Artist

2009 Alumni


Theater Studies and English minor, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Actor and Teaching Artist

Since Emory

I have been pursuing acting and have worked on various film, theater, television, web and commercial productions around the Atlanta area. 

Current Activities

I love creative writing and am currently developing animation, film and theater projects. 

Highlights at Emory

Academically, I loved the theater classes.  For me, Developing a Role was by far the most rewarding as it allowed for so much artistic freedom.  I not only learned through the instruction of the professor, but also by observing the performances of the other students.  I still use many of the techniques I learned from the course in role preparation today.

Artistically, my highlight was acting in Starving Artist’s production of Death and the Maiden.  It was one of the most artistically and emotionally challenging plays I have been involved with.  It also introduced me to the foundations of the Meisner Technique, which I continue to study today.  I also really enjoyed watching the performances of the other students.  The greatest aspect of Theater Emory is that it fosters a community of students that encourage and support one another’s artistic endeavors.

In retrospect

The greatest lesson I took away from Emory is the importance of pushing your perceived limitations.  It can be very easy for self doubt to negatively impact confidence and ambition.  I learned that thoughts of that nature are wasteful and time is better spent pursuing your goals. 


I’m moving to New York next month to explore new opportunities and continue my education.