Allen Read

2000 Alumni


Theater Studies, 2000
Yale School of Drama, 2005
New York City, New York

Since Emory

After graduation I interned at Georgia Shakespeare Festival and then did an acting fellowship at Geva Theatre from October 2000 through March 2001. I co-founded Atlanta's Out of Hand Theater with three fellow Emory alums and I worked at the Alliance Theater and Horizon Theater Company.

In the fall of 2002 I started the MFA acting program at Yale School of Drama and graduated in May 2005.

I moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2005, where I spent about a year until I auditioned for, and wast cast in, a show in NYC, ironically. I decided to stay in NYC and have been here ever since. 

Current activities 

The St. James Theatre opens in September, 2012 as the first new theater complex in central London in some 30 years. It houses a 312 seat main house, 100 capacity studio, 2 bars and a restaurant. My role is to help the artistic director to programme the two theatres and I take particular responsibility for the studio. That said, as a new building we have all been doing far more than the basic job specfications. I have also got involved on the producing/general management side. I am married to Coralie who I met just after my return from Atlanta in 1996 and we have a three-year-old daughter, Zoe.

Highlights at Emory

Emory performance highlights included getting to participate in "Mahagonny Songspiel" directed by Tim Ocel during the Brecht Centennial Celebration and getting to play the role of Lyngstrand in Ibsen's "Lady from the Sea" directed by Jan Akers. I also was allowed to do my first professional role in "The Cockfighter" directed by Vinnie Murphy as a junior.

Career Highlights

Some career highlights have included working with the late Elaine Stritch in a production of The Full Monty, originating the role of Rocky Dennis in the musical version of the 1980s movie "MASK" at Pasadena Playhouse, productions of Richard II and Comedy of Errors at Yale Repertory Theatre and a new Sarah Treem play, "Mirror, Mirror" directed by Alex Timbers at Playwright's Horizons. Most recently I was in the new musical "Nobody Loves You" by Itamar Moses and Gaby Alter at 2nd Stage Theater in NYC.

Currently I'm workshopping and helping develop a role in a new musical called Notes to MariAnne that's being shepherded by New York Stage and Film/Signature Theatre (NYC)/AMAS directed by Leigh Silverman.

In retrospect

My Speeches and Monologues and Developing a Role courses with Tim McDonough were the building blocks of everything in terms of my process as an actor, all the way from preparing for an audition, to rehearsal process to shaping a performance. His acting workshop attached to his and Alice Benston's Shaw in Performance class also helped me discover how to find a character's place in the overall telling of a larger story and how to create a performance that serves the telling of that greater story. Alice Benston taught me how to read a play and to understand it's dramatic structure--how character and conflict come together to tell a story that cuts to the core of real and often heightened relationships. She also introduced me to the great dramatic thinkers and theater practitioners of history and to how their theories and philosophies have shaped our performance styles and current theatrical ideologies.

Theater at Emory is one of the only places in our country where students can receive a well-rounded liberal arts education while getting to take advantage of a robust dramatic academic program that is attached to a bona fide professional theater. I got to apply my class work to my rehearsal work in a challenging and professional environment with impeccably high standards.

I am grateful to have had all of the opportunities I had at Emory--opportunities to express myself musically through chamber vocal groups, good old college a cappella with No Strings Attached, and certainly the opportunities afforded me by my major in Theatre Studies and work with Theater Emory.

Each actor/designer/director/playwright/technician has his/her own path, so I would never be prescriptive...BUT...if I were to give any advice to anyone trying to decide how to go about participating in Theater at Emory, I would say take advantage of EVERYTHING!!!!

And I met some of the most cherished friends for life through my participation in Theater at Emory.