David Quay

2007 Alumni


Dave Quay
BA-Emory, Theater Studies
MFA-NYU, Graduate Acting
Actor, Director
Since Emory: 2007-2010, I began acting and directing professionally in Atlanta, where I learned a lot from artists I met at Georgia Shakespeare, The Alliance, Out of Hand, Aurora, Seven Stages, Synchronicity, and others. In 2010, I left Atlanta to attend grad school at NYU, and have lived and worked as an actor and director in New York since.
Current Activities: For the latest info: www.davequayonline.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2893301/ 
Highlights at Emory: Theater Studies at Emory changed my life. I became a better, more collaborative performer, and made some wonderful friends. Lisa Paulsen taught me how to really listen and REALLY respond to a scene partner. Tim McDonough taught me how to understand, personalize, and craft a performance while making it look like it was happening for the first time. John Ammerman taught me how to move with purpose, and how to play it big and still mean it. Theater Emory productions with Arthur Nauzyciel and Out of Hand taught me how to be humble to really great writing. Michael Evenden generously shared the encyclopedia in his brain of all things theater. Vinnie Murphy taught me the value of creating new work, and the value of staying in touch with people you care about. These professors and many others remain great mentors and friends. Being Emperor of Rathskellar was also a lot of fun.
In Retrospect: One of the best things about theater at Emory is that it is part of a liberal arts school. I learned just as much from lots of friends who had nothing to do with the arts. Theater Studies at Emory encourages curiosity and facilitates finding a really personal path through the work. I'm very grateful for it.