Gayatri Patel

Web Design, Actor

2010 Alumni


Economics and Theater Studies Minor, 2010
New York, New York
Freelance web designer and Actor

Since Emory

Oh So Much. Took a 'break' from Emory in 2003 to move to India to pursue Bollywood. While there I was in music videos, commercials, and then produced and starred in a feature film. I came back, finished college in 2010 and started working as a Search Engine Optimization Analyst. I then quit and went freelance.

Current activities

Now I live in NYC. Work as a freelance web designer and go to auditions! I have a manager now in the Big Apple and life looks bright and happy. And OH. I'm getting Married!!  

Highlights at Emory

Snehal Desai, a senior at the time, cast me in Marisol, his senior thesis. I was an unsure hopeful young actress with no training! Then Vinnie cast me as understudy to Carolyn Cook in Discovery of America and it was a great start to my long journey in acting. Then I worked with Tim McDonough on Three Sisters. Working with Tim, Jan, Leslie, Vinnie, John, etc., gave me that first boost of confidence one needs as a budding artist. Acting at Emory gave me some of my best memories as a performer. I've used what I learned from the classes at Emory in every acting opportunity I've ever received. 

In retrospect

I'm so happy that I begin my journey at Emory. The support and dedication of the faculty is unmatched by any training I've received since my time at Emory. I absolutely loved my years working with the theater department at Emory!