Sarah Norman

Teaching Artist

2005 Alumni


Theater Studies and Classics, 2005
Washington D.C.
PhD, Theatre Arts, Cornell University
Teaching Artist

Since Emory

After graduating from Emory, I spent a year interning at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ. I worked in the Literary Department and had a great time assisting the dramaturgs, reading script submissions, attending lots of readings and performances of new works, and helping out with other jobs around the theater. I then went to Cornell University for a PhD in Theatre Arts. I focused on ancient Greek theater and graduated in August 2011.

Current Activities

I am currently teaching high school students through a private tutoring company and looking forward to some time off soon when I have my first child, but I hope to apply for university jobs beginning this fall.

Highlights at Emory

I really appreciated my time with theater at Emory, both departmental and extra-curricular. The literary classes, particularly Theater History and Aesthetics and Criticism, provided a great background for me, and I drew on it heavily during graduate school. The small size of the department created a very strong learning environment, since students and professors knew each other well and even worked together on projects. I also grew a lot through my involvement with Ad Hoc and other student theater groups. (I served as stage manager and production manager for many shows, directed one production, and did a variety of technical work.)

In retrospect

The student theater organizations nudge students into positions of great responsibility, which teaches problem-solving skills, communication, leadership, and organization, along with artistic skills. I have drawn on the skills I honed in student theater activities for a variety of tasks and roles in graduate school and in my current job.