Jana Muschinski

MPhil, Archaeological Science (Candidate)

University of Cambridge

2015 Alumni


Theater Studies, 2015
MPhil (candidate), Archaeological Science
University of Cambridge

Since Emory

I recently returned from a six week paleoanthropology field school in Kenya, which was a really fantastic experience. At the moment, I am working part time as I prepare to head to school in the fall.

Current Activities

In one month I am headed off to the University of Cambridge to do an MPhil in Archaeological Science. I hope to continue my involvement in theater by working with the King's College drama group while at school next year. 

Highlights at Emory

The parts of my theater at Emory experience I am most thankful for are having had the opportunity to take classes with the amazing professors and staying involved with SAP/Dooleys Players throughout my time as an undergrad. My favorite classes included Acting Fundamentals, Scene Work, and Directing, among others. My fondest memories of shows I worked on or acted in include my time with Phantom Tollbooth, Bible Abridged, Stardust, and I Am Not That I Play.

In retrospect

The theater community is a supportive family, come join! Make sure to stay involved, but try not to overburden yourself. If you are an upperclassman, make sure that underclassmen have the opportunity to learn technical skills so they can step up to the plate on productions when your go-to-person graduates. Pass down the knowledge and keep the community growing! Also make sure to take advantage of as many of the amazing classes as you can. There are so many classes I wish I could have taken but never managed to squeeze into my schedule.