Laura McMaster

Research Coordinator

2006 Alumni


Theater Studies and Anthropology, 2006
M.A., Anthropology, London School of Economics
M.F.T., Family Therapy, Mercer University

Since Emory

After Emory, Laura graduated with merit from The London School of Economics (2007) with a Masters in Anthropology. She most recently completed a second Masters in Family Therapy from Mercer Atlanta (2011). Laura participated in various artistic opportunities following her 2006 departure from the Rich Building. Immediately after college, she did voiceover work. In London, Vinnie Murphy made contact with a small dramaturgy project. Later, there was assistant directing with Essential Theater in Atlanta and a few more rounds of project development with her personal favorite, Brave New Works in 2010.

Current activities

Outside of the arts, Laura has built a steady, rewarding career in healthcare. She was a behavior therapist at the Marcus Autism Center and a lab coordinator in the Psychology department at Emory. She happily reports her new position in cardiology research at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, where she coordinates projects for the Pediatric Heart Network. Laura has one dog named Macy, and she approaches dating with an attitude of earnest, absurd possibility.

Highlights at Emory

Laura McMaster was the worst sort of actor because she never truly got out of her head. She was an analytical sort, and she is glad to report that  the faculty and staff at Theater Emory found avenues for her love of theater and literary analysis over the course of her bachelors program. She enjoyed dramaturgy, and she appreciated each role she was offered at the main stage in The Skin of Our Teeth (2005) and King Lear (2006).