Eliana Marianes


2010 Alumni


Theater Studies, English, 2010
Atlanta, GA
Development for a non-profit

Since Emory

I worked as the Business Manager of a small, new, nonprofit theater company here in Atlanta (where I used everything I'd ever learned in Pat Miller's Theater Administration class!). I've stayed extremely active in the Atlanta theater community, and I’ve been very lucky to be almost continually employed as an actor.  I've worked for the Alliance Theater, Georgia Shakespeare, the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern, Aurora Theater, ART Station, Stage Door Players, Out of Hand Theater, the Legacy Theatre, Synchronicity Theatre, Georgia Ensemble Theater, and Théâtre du Rève (both in Atlanta and in Limoges, France). 

Current activities

I'm now putting my outgoing personality to good use in the field of development as I raise money for a Greek Orthodox non-profit retreat center. The Emory theater program fostered a lifelong passion for learning that the Atlanta theater scene has nurtured.  I was part of the Dad's Garage special "Improv for Actors" class last year, and also profited from Georgia Shakespeare's text class.  Additionally, as a way to encourage support, love, and growth among the younger actors in the Atlanta theater community, I started a group called "Scenework."  We meet once a month in my apartment to work on our audition skills, practicing cold reads, monologues, singing, and just generally demystifying the whole audition process as much as possible. 

Highlights at Emory

Theater Emory offered me some of the most memorable theatrical experiences of my young career (Hominid and Slapping Bernard spring to mind), but more than any of the wonderful shows we did together, my time at Emory gave me a network of support and the strongest, most well-rounded education I could have asked for.  I use movement styles and comedic tactics that I learned in John Ammerman's movement class at every audition I attend, and my grasp of theater history is one of the broadest and deepest of all my friends, thanks to Michael's Theater History class.  Pat's admin class got me through my first year after college (and helped me pay my rent!), and Jan's text with movement class inspired a deep, strong connection between my body, the stage, and my fellow actors that I experience every time I work.  The skills I learned from Donald's dramaturgy class got me through my senior honors thesis, and Alice's Aesthetics and Criticism taught me how to talk intelligently and think critically about theater and theatrical tradition. 

In retrospect

I took full advantage of the theater major, taking just about every class that was offered and even asking professors to invent a few for me during my senior year!  Since my graduation in 2010, I can't tell you the number of times I've referred back to notes I took, speeches I worked on in classes, and books given to me by my very involved and supportive professors. I'm grateful every day for my theatrical education at Emory.  I originally chose to come to Emory for two reasons: 1) John's movement class, and 2) the fact that I'd get to work alongside professional theater artists and begin building my Atlanta network while still in college.  Both of those proved to be even more amazing than I could have imagined, but the enormous variety of courses offered by the top folks in their field and the loving and supportive attitude of all the professors proved to be of even greater value

To prospective students

I can never thank these amazing people enough for giving me the tools I needed to succeed in the crazy world of theater, but I'll try to make them proud with my work and by sending them every promising young actor I can find! This is truly one of the best theater programs in the country, and I am extremely blessed to have been a part of it.