Michael Lewis

Scenic Design Internship

2014 Alumni


Current Activities:

This year I will work as a scenic design intern at PCPA Theaterfest in Santa Maria California. I will primarily act as assistant scenic designer:  constructing models, drafting, assisting with research, etc. I plan to apply to graduate school (MFA Scenic Design) for the next academic year.

Theater at Emory Highlights:

While at Emory, I designed scenery for several student theater productions, including a production of J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls​ (that I both designed and directed). My work at Emory culminated in a thesis in which Professor Sara Ward Culpepper and I designed a fully realized production of Macbeth. In addition to designing scenery, I served as production manager and technical director for many student productions. I also worked with Malina Rodriguez as the assistant technical director for Theater Emory's productions from 2012-2014. To get a better scope of my work (including work from Emory), please peruse my portfolio

In retrospect:

The most important lessons of my undergraduate career occurred in seeking advice from professors on my production work. I urge current students to pursue their own production-based education, challenging themselves to become more skilled and more thoughtful with each production challenge. In addition, my coursework (particularly the courses in dramatic history and criticism) were very helpful in improving my ability to articulate and contextualize my own artistic choices. My time at Emory ultimately made me become more observant and attentive to detail.