Lauren Levitt

2015 Alumni


Theater Studies and History, 2015

Gainesville, FL

What is next for you?

In fall 2015, I will begin my M.Ed (Reading Education) and Encironmental Education Certificate programs.

What current activities are you involved in?

I am working tech for Theater Emory's breaking Ground and vounteering for Trees Atlanta.

What highlights stand out from your time at Theater at Emory?

Taking THEA 410: Aesthetics and Criticism during my senior year, getting to be the Assistant Stage Manager for Theater Emory's original production Free/Fall, and acting in I am not that I play.

What advice do you have for current or prospective students?

There are so many different things you may want to do that you should really try to prioritize and fully commit yourself to one or two things. Don't stress about not being able to do everything. Also, time at college is short, so if you are not happy with one of your involvements, do something else.