Jenny Lancaster

Fiction Writer

2007 Alumni


Creative Writing, Theater Studies minor, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
Graduate student, Social Services, Fordham University
Fiction writer

Since Emory

Since graduation, I’ve been writing short stories and, in another five years or so, I intend to finish a novel, too.  In the meantime, I’ve brought every bit of knowledge about human nature and acting to the fine art of waiting tables.  What started as a relatively simple, flexible job became a challenge that I enjoyed until about a year ago when I realized that I needed to make new plans and put myself on a path for more meaningful work.  Years of observation and awareness, of quiet empathy, of studying people and behavior as both a writer and an actor led me to social work.

Current Activities

Still waiting tables, still writing stories.  Starting my MSW at Fordham, September 2012.  Riding my bike.  Pursuing a renewed interest in the Alexander Technique.

Highlights at Emory

Working with director Lisa Paulsen and fellow actor Ronald Peet Tennessee Williams’ This Property is Condemned (in the Young Acts project) was absolutely the highlight of my time as an actor at Emory.  We poured our hearts and souls and everything we knew about theater and ourselves and other people into that show.    Learning from the dry wit and keen intelligence of Michael Evenden, History of Theatre.  Daring myself to be deliberately goofy and physical and other things I didn’t do very well in the care of John Ammerman, Movement for the Actor

In retrospect

Theater at Emory gave me a community of smart, silly, big-hearted humans that I relied on throughout my college years and beyond.  In the classroom and in rehearsals,  the program challenged me relentlessly in every possible way – physically, emotionally, intellectually.   Theater encompasses and examines all aspects of life and the opportunities at Emory are particularly rigorous; but there was always  concern and support too.   I remain ever grateful for my time there and for the faculty and students who made it such a unique, beloved experience.