Rob Kimmer

Senior Attorney

2002 Alumni


Theater Studies and Journalism, 2002
Alexandria, VA (Suburb of Washington, DC)
JD, The George Washington University Law School
Senior Attorney - Rader, Fishman & Grauer, PLLC

Since Emory

So, after graduating from Emory, I went straight to law school at The George Washington University Law School where I focused on intellectual property law.  I graduated in 2005, clerking with the DC Administrative Courts for one year.  From there, I worked as in-house counsel for a private equity/hedge fund where I handled their internal IP matters along with other general legal work.  From there I switched to full-time Trademark/Copyright/Entertainment Law/IP practice with a boutique firm in Arlington, VA.  I eventually chaired the Trademark and Copyright departments of that Firm.  About 18 months ago, I ported my practice to the Washington, DC Office of Rader, Fishman, & Grauer, PLLC, an international IP Firm with offices in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Washington, DC, Orange County, Silicon Valley, CA and Tokyo, Japan.  On the side, I have been a broadcast news reporter, print/broadcast legal analyst, writer, and occasional professional juggler.  My wife and I live in Alexandria, VA and enjoy taking advantage of the DC theater scene whenever we can (Signature Theatre, The Shakespeare Theatre, Studio Theatre, Arena Stage, The Kennedy Center)!

Highlights at Emory

Acting in the Brecht Centennial; performing in the clowning workshop with Kenny Raskin and others; performing in The Miracle Worker workshop, directed by John Ammerman; all of my classes, especially those with Professors Alice Benston and  (Chair Emeritus) Michael Evenden; having the Theater Studies major as the core of my great liberal arts education at Emory. 

In retrospect

Rob Kimmer on beach

My theater/acting background prepared me well for performing in a courtroom (and just for working with clients day in and day out).  My experience as a Theater Studies major made me a better speaker, thinker, and gave me a worldly perspective through my studies.  Also, the reading load no doubt prepared me for law school! 

My theater background prepared me to be a good steward of the arts in general.  Also, I now get to be the lawyer on the business side of the entertainment industry.  It's nice having the arts background because, having been there myself, I can better relate to performers, writers, and theater industry professionals by having a deep understanding and appreciation for the field.  My alumni connections have served me well: many of my Emory colleagues are now pursuing theater/acting professionally and are great contacts within the arts community.  I have had the opportunity to represent some and provide advice to others.  This alumni network continues to serves as a great referral source for my practice.