Lauren Gunderson

Playwright, Screenwriter

2004 Alumni


English/Creative Writing, Theater Minor, 2004
San Francisco, CA
MFA in Dramatic Writing, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
Playwright, Screenwriter

Since Emory

After NYU, several major regional productions and commissions of new plays. 

Current activities 

Writing plays, TV, and essays on theater. More here:

Highlights at Emory

My work onstage as an actor was the highlight of my college career (John Ammerman's production of Ah, Wilderness!). Only superceded by the production of my first play Leap at Theater Emory, directed by Megan Monaghan. That production launched my professional career as a playwright.

In retrospect

All of the creative positions in theater talk to each other. A writer needs to know about acting, an actor needs to know about design, designers need to know dramaturgy. We are all building the magic together, and the closer I listened to other creators in the process, the better my writing became.