Nathan Green


2008 Alumni


Theater Studies, 2008
Chicago, IL
Company Member: Collaboraction, Sour Mash Productions
Director and Sound Designer 

Since Emory

After graduating from Emory I did a yearlong directing internship at Actors Theater of Louisville. Following that experience, I lived in Cape Cod for a summer working with a group I had helped start in Atlanta several years prior, Fish and Bicycle Theatre. We remounted our adaptation of Peter Pan and developed a new show while making guerilla beach theater. Afterwards, I moved to Chicago (with fellow Emory Alum Kate Vangeloff, who is my partner and co-habitant) where I've been working as a director (primarily) and sound designer for the last 3 years. 

Current activities

I'm a company member of Collaboraction, which is a theater company/ interdisciplinary arts organization. Through them I've done a lot of "experience design" work, which entails getting hired out to make interactive theatrical experiences for various organizations' events. Through Collab, I've done a lot of events at the Art Institute of Chicago, and most recently made spontaneous theater in the woods for the Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, Michigan.

I'm also a company member of a small tribe called Sour Mash Productions which I've done a lot of sound work for.

Just closed two shows that I directed: one called Art Heist for a company called Abraham Werewolf, in which a pop-up art gallery opening turns into a hostage situation for the audience, and The Abducted by Greg Moss for Collaboraction's Sketchbook Festival, which was a short play about a man whose wife was abducted by aliens. I'm about to start a short training intensive with SITI Company, and I'll be Assistant Director for Good People by David Lindsay Abaire at Steppenwolf starting next month. I'm also playing guitar in a soul band called Funky Hot Grits.

My day job has been managing a website for the last couple of years, but I'm about to leave due to another opportunity that's come up, so that's exciting and scary – as Ray Bradbury said about taking risks, for me it feels like "jumping off a cliff and learning to fly on the way down," so ... here goes!

Highlights at Emory

There are a lot of highlights. Some of them off the top of my head include Developing a Role, playing Melchior in Spring Awakening, working on my thesis, interning with Out of Hand, AesCrit (Aesthetics and Criticism), and directing Chiang Kai Chek by Charles Mee for SAP (Starving Artists Productions).

In retrospect

To me, some of the things I've found most valuable have been the critical thinking skills learned in classes like Reading for Performance and Aesthetics and Criticism. There's a lot of talented people out there, but too few are able to really analyze what they're doing in a cultural context... that's something that really sets Emory apart from conservatory programs I think. Additionally, Tim's approach to performance is really unique. Coming from Theater Studies to the land of DePaul and Northwestern grads, I've found that channeling "Speeches and Monologues" has given me some really fresh approaches/perspectives that not many have.

And …

I'll also say that, even after graduating, the theater department at Emory feels like such a resource and a family. I really cherish the time I spent in the department and hope that I'll someday have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from the gifted and gracious people there again.