Ariel Fristoe

Co-Artistic Director, Out of Hand Theater

1998 Alumni


Theater Studies and French, 1998
Atlanta, GA
Co-Artistic Director, Out of Hand Theater

Since Emory

Maia Knispel and I started Out of Hand Theater in 2001.  Out of Hand Theater creates innovative new work. We choose the most interesting subjects, and then we partner with passionate experts to create compelling, intimate theatrical events, engaging communities around these subjects. We create interactive experiences that embrace new audiences, both inside theaters and in public spaces. Our approach not only makes for great theater, it also assists us in training artists and non-artists to use creativity and collaboration to communicate through the arts. Since 2001, we have developed 12 original pieces, 8 of which have toured the U.S. and Europe.

I have also acted, directed and taught elsewhere, working extensively with Theatre du Reve, where fellow alumna Park Krausen is the Artistic Director, and teaching Intro to Acting and Intro to Theater at Emory.

Current Activities

This year I’m working on collaborations with The Center for Chemical Evolution, The Georgia Aquarium and experts on behavioral addiction, and producing free public art all over Atlanta. I’m also spending lots of time at home in the Old 4th Ward with my husband/co-artistic director Adam (who teaches in the theater department) and our daughter Tweed (born 2011). 

Highlights at Emory

I’ve gotten to work on so many wonderful projects at Emory, both as a student and after: Nights of Carnival, the SITI training, and Hamlet and Ophelia, all of which prepared me to develop new work for Out of Hand; 30 Below and Hominid, co-productions with TE and two of my favorite Out of Hand shows; and most recently 6x6,
where I got to act under the direction of Lisa Paulsen, one of the smartest, fiercest, most empathetic, most skilled teachers anyone could ever hope to have.