Penny Flick

Actor, Writer, and Producer

2008 Alumni

BA, Theater Studies


Since Emory…

I moved to New York and have been living a life of crime ever since!
I’ve been working as an actor, writer, and producer in NYC for the past 6 years, collaborating with fellow Emory alums on readings, theater projects, film and TV productions around the city. Connections between people are at the heart of any successful life in the arts, and the relationships I formed through Theater at Emory remain some of the most important of my professional career. Most recently, with the help and guidance of Jan Akers, my Emory academic advisor, and Alice Benston, my honors thesis advisor, I have just been accepted to NYU Stern’s MBA program in Film and Television Producing, and will commence this autumn.
Extracurriculars include improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, archery tag, and cat burglary (a skill honed over years of finding new and exciting ways to sneak into Theater at Emory’s Rich building late at night).

Highlights at Emory:

A few must-take classes:
Movement for the Actor
Shakespeare in Performance
Developing a Role
Aesthetics and Criticism
Some all-time favorite production experiences:
Spring Awakening (TE)
Slapping Bernard (TE)
She Stoops to Conquer (TE)
Chiang Kai Chek (SAP)

Jan Akers, artistic director of Theater Emory and my academic advisor, is a tremendous person on every level and someone I am proud to call my mentor. Tim McDonough, Lisa Paulson, Michael Evenden, and John Ammerman are just a few more department faculty members who are so brilliant and so deeply connected to each and every one of their students that their names are permanently etched into the hearts of generations of Theater at Emory alums. These amazing people tailor the Theater at Emory experience to serve the strengths and needs of the ever-changing student community, and I’m proud to say that my 4 years with Theater at Emory were some of the best of my life thus far.

In Retrospect:

The depth and fortitude of the relationships formed through Theater at Emory cannot be overstated. Everyone working in the Emory theater community, from the students to the faculty to professional Atlantan artists assembled by Theater Emory, promotes a level of collaboration, professionalism, and support that is as inspiring as it is unique. The path to making a life in the arts is rarely straightforward and often uncertain, but the foundation I received at Emory has left me better prepared for the wild variety of artistic and academic opportunities I’ve encountered since graduation. I treasure the lessons learned and memories made with Theater at Emory, and can’t wait for my next opportunity to collaborate with its incredible people again.