Shawn Escarciga

Performer, Teaching Artist

2010 Alumni


Theater Studies, 2010
Chicago, IL
Performer and Teaching Artist

Current activities

I moved to Chicago very soon after graduating from Emory to serve as a marketing and artistic intern at About Face Theatre, which I received through the connection between AFT’s Artistic Director, Bonnie Metzgar, and Theater Emory's Lisa Paulsen. In Chicago, I worked in experimental theater/dance and taught art at a local summer camp. In New York, I have performed and study with the Butoh company, Vangeline Theater, as well as performing solo work across the city. My most recent work has been shown at the MIX NYC Queer Film Festival, Panoply Performance Lab, Glasshouse, Le Petite Versailles, the Spectrum, among others. My solo performance has also been presented internationally at the Month of Performance Art Berlin and at the BIPAF’s Performancy Forum Quinquennial in New York. 


Highlights at Emory

Being challenged as an intellectual and a performer simultaneously has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my engagement with theater at Emory. I was often pushed to my limits, but always under the safe watch of the amazing faculty and theater at Emory community.   One of my most challenging theatrical endeavors to date was the voodoo puppet version of Frankenstein presented by Theater Emory and the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts. The guidance of faculty, the artistic caliber of the production, and the absolute uniqueness of that piece is something you can't find anywhere else but Emory, and I am a better performer and person because of it. 

In retrospect

My entire experience with all aspects of theater at Emory have greatly influenced who I am as an artist and as a thinking citizen in the world today. I can honestly say that without the balanced curriculum, my study abroad experience, the compassionate and brilliant faculty, and the opportunity to perform with such talented people, I would not be who or where I am today. I was so lucky to be challenged by the genius of Tim McDonough, Donald McManus, Alice Benston, Pat Miller, Michael Evenden, etc., etc., onwards and etc. I left Emory a well-rounded person, a compassionate intellectual, a challenger of the mundane, and a humble artist because of my experience with the theater program and its many facets.