Snehal Desai


2002 Alumni


Political Science, Theater Studies, 2002
MFA, Directing, Yale, 2008
Freelance Director, NYC

Since Emory

MFA in Directing, Yale University
Resident Director at the Ensemble Studio Theater, NYC
Inaugural Recipient of the Drama League’s Classical Directing Fellowship. 
Literary fellow with the Royal Shakespeare Company
Toured solo show:  Finding Ways to Prove You’re NOT an Al-Qaeda Terrorist When You’re Brown across the country. 
Soros Fellow 

Highlights at Emory

The biennial Brave New Works series.  Working and meeting phenomenal artists such as Paula Vogel, Naomi Wallace, Robert O’Hara, Arthur Kopit. 

Directing Jose Rivera’s Marisol for my thesis in an abandoned mental hospital and directing Shakespeare and Music in the new Schwartz Performing Arts Center with the Emory Symphonic Orchestra.

Professor Michael Evenden’s beautiful engaging, funny, smart lectures on theater in his History of Theater classes. 

The intense debate about the value and role of art in our society in Alice Benston’s Aesthestics and Criticism course. 

The moment when I fully and completely felt connected and immersed in a character playing Hally from Master Harold… and the boys in Tim McDonough’s Developing a Role class.  

In retrospect

I took away the experience of working alongside professional actors, directors, and designers.  Also, my time at Emory was valuable in that the department allowed me to explore all aspects of theater-making from design to stage management to acting to dramaturgy before I landed on what I felt was the most natural fit, which was directing.  I valued the opportunity to be mentored by an extremely knowledgeable and established faculty who have since become professional collaborators and colleagues.