Dan Colman

Recruiting for Information Technology Company

1997 Alumni


Brooklyn, NY
BA in English and Theater Studies, Class of 1997

Since Emory

I studied Shakespeare at the University of St. Andrews, formed a theater company and took a show to the Ediburgh Fringe with fellow alums James Albrecht, Anna Bahney, Matt Pomerantz and Katherine Orr, earned an MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama, acted professionally in New York City, across the country and on film and TV.  Highlights included performing in a production of Romeo and Juliet for the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park, Off-Broadway in Secret Order, and being the gruff train station ticket seller on the Valentine’s Day episode of All My Children. Catered and temped more than I’d like to, sold and repaired Macs and iPhones on a whim, married an amazing woman named Alyssa.

Current activities

I am now recruiting full time for an Information Technology recruiting company called Modis.

In retrospect

Emory Theater is the most vital and engaging and invigorating theater I have had the privilege to participate in.  Highlights included performing in Tim McDonough’s play American Wake, working with Vincent Murphy and Ariel on my thesis project which explored the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia, Michael Evenden’s Aesthetics of Theater class, and being a part of the student groups Starving Artist Productions and Rathskellar.  I graduated from Theater Emory sensitive to the things life brings, such as passion, success, heartache, tragedy, injustice, fight, care, generosity and kindness.  The scientific way to put it is with deepened emotional intelligence.  That has served me well in all the work I have done since.  I also left with some rocking friends for life.