Xirui Chai

Graphic Designer and Filmmaker

2013 Alumni


Theater Studies, 2013
New York
Graphic Design

Since Emory

I have been working in graphic design professionally in New York City. 

Highlights at Emory 

Lighting Designer

 (Ad Hoc Productions, 2011)
Cloud 9 (Starving Artist Productions, 2011)
Rhinoceros in Love (Emory Chinese Theater, 2011)
 (African Hispanic Asian Native American Theater, 2011)
Zhao (Emory Chinese Theater, 2012)

Sound Designer

The Lieutenant of Inishmore (Theater Emory, 2011)
Rhinoceros in Love
 (Emory Chinese Theater, 2011)
 (Theater Emory, 2012)
Zhao (Emory Chinese Theater, 2012)

Soundboard Operator

You Can’t Take It With You (Theater Emory, 2010)
Buried Child (Theater Emory, 2011)

Projections Designer

Rhinoceros in Love (Emory Chinese Theater, 2012)

Wardrobe Manager

Rent (Theater Emory, 2010)

Prop Runner

The Cherry Orchard (Theater Emory, 2013)


Watching Chekhov Watching (Theater Emory, 2013)

Documentary Filmmaking

Mistero Buffo @ Theater Emory 2012 (30 minutes, Sep – Nov 2012): Documentary film of Theater Emory's production Comic Mysteries, showing the development of professional theater production in an academic environment


Brenda Bynum Theater at Emory Award (May, 2013)

In retrospect

At Emory, I have mainly learned the production side of performing arts, such as how to express ideas visually, how to construct an illusionary world based on sound, and how to collaborate with various artists. Theater arbitrarily limits audience's interpretation of literature, but it provides clues and hints that may lead the audience to a totally-different-and-unimaginable-detached world. Theater to me is: one group of artists need to tell a story in their own way; one group of audiences who need that out-of-the-real-world feeling can choose to take this journey with the artists.