Andrew Burnette


2014 Alumni


Current Activities:

This summer (2014) I will be working on a production of Hedda Gabbler, directed by Jana Muschinski and several current Theater Studies majors. After that I plan to travel to Boston with fellow Cody Reed and do theater. 

Theater at Emory Highlights:​

In my two years at Oxford I acting in seven plays, with Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night's Dream​ (which I also co-directed) being my favorites. At Emory proper I thoroughly enjoyed acting in both Macbeth and The Childhood Suite. In my final semester I directed one of my favorite plays, Mandragola, for Starving Artist's Productions.

In Retrospect:

Do as much as you can, experience in a play teaches so much more than an acting class ever will, although you should take as many of those as possible. Most importantly, even if you don't like the play you are cast in, try and enjoy yourself. Acting is fun, and you should always have fun acting.