Haynes Brooke

Actor, Writer, etc.

1985 Alumni


English. 1985
Los Angeles, CA  (Burbank)
Freelance actor, writer, songwriter, director and producer

Since Emory

I spent two years training in the intern company of the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, then spent two season as an Equity company member at the Academy Theater.  I started writing plays and songs and getting work not just in theater but also in film and television. For the last twenty-four years I've worked as a professional actor, playwright, songwriter, screenwriter, sound designer and director in Atlanta, Seattle, and Los Angeles.  I've appeared in professional theater across the country, including solo performance pieces, appeared in major feature films, independent films, short films, television pilots, industrial films, episodic television, sitcoms, daytime drama, web series, voiced animated characters and created several web series.  I've made a couple of albums and written and produced a number of original plays with music. I've also appeared in over a hundred television commercials, including a national ad campaign now in its eighth year. 

I'm married, have three kids and a dog, and have played tournament level ultimate frisbee for many years with many teams. 

Current activities

I'm currently working as an actor, writer, songwriter, director and producer in Los Angeles.

Highlights at Emory

The Theater Emory of 1982-85 was where I was first exposed to an adventurous and exciting professional theater company.  I worked with a number of highly gifted professional artists who were thriving both inside and outside of academe and gained a vision of what life as a professional artist might look like.  I appeared in a number of world premier plays and got the chance to perform major roles with professional actors under the direction of very established directors.  By the time I graduated from Emory I had already worked with many of the leading professional actors in Atlanta. My time at Emory left me in an excellent position to begin a transition into a career in the arts.  I needed a lot more training and experience to become an accomplished professional artist, but the time spent in theater at Emory was an important formative chapter in my professional journey.


I'm happy to meet Emory students or alumni and talk about life in the arts any time.