Gina Atwater, '06

Screenwriter, Production

Since Emory

I received my MFA in Film from Columbia University's School of the Arts in New York, where I wrote and directed a number of short films.  One of those films (Crossing) was shot in Atlanta and counted Emory alum and current students among the crew.  It played at a number of film festivals, including the Atlanta Film Festival in 2012, and was a semi-finalist for the Student Academy Awards.

Highlights at Emory

Highlights included working with Jan Akers and John Ammerman, being in The Skin of Our Teeth in 2006, taking a theater class in Oxford, England in the summer of 2005 with Pat Miller.

In retrospect

By doing theater at Emory, I learned to be fearless.  I learned that by being brave and working tirelessly, you can create something of artistic value that will resonate with audiences.  I also learned that the camaraderie that comes from working long hours with a group of artists is unique and wonderful.