Department Awards

The Alice N. Benston Award in Theater Studies

Awarded annually by departmental faculty to one* graduating senior or recent graduate who has shown exceptional dedication, promise, and intellectual rigor, to encourage his or her continuing education in theater. Prize is accompanied by a cash award of $1500. 

*Prior to 2017, the Benston Award was awarded to no more than two graduating seniors or recent graduates.

Benston Award Past Recipients

Year Name
2018 Cameron Frostbaum
2017 Tom Zhang
2016 Nysa Loudon & Devin Porter
2015 Troizel Carr & Travis Draper
2014 Jacob Krakovsky & Michael Lewis
2013 Timothy Harland
2012 Rachel Shuey
2011 Eliana Marianes
2010 John Casavant & Leesa Haspel
2009 Chantress Dixon & Elise Wulff
2008 Penny Flick & Nathan Green
2007 Caity DiSanza & John Evenden
2006 Angela Porter & Elizabeth Willis
2005 Sarah Powers & Lori Watson
2004 Anne Maxwell & Amy Silverberg
2003 T. Brian Green & Raife Baker
2002 Taylor Dooley & Snehal Desai
2001 Mark Blankenship & Thomas Fish
2000 Doriet Berkowitz
1999 Park Krausen & Hope Mirlis
1998 Matt Pomerantz & Catherine Shrout

The Brenda Bynum Theater at Emory Award

Awarded annually to the student who has offered selfless and generous contributions of time, ability, and enthusiasm to the Theater Studies Department, Theater Emory, and student theater – to the whole of Theater at Emory.

Award amount of $500.

Brenda Bynum Award Past Recipients

Year Name
2018 Victoria Hood
2017 Jemma Giberson
2016 Virginia Loeffler
2015 Ian Trutt & Yiran Wang
2014 Jana Muschinski
2013 Xirui Chai
2012 Gillian Kramer
2011 Daniel Schroeder
2010 Leigh Clemmons
2009 Maureen Downs
2008 Kate Southern
2007 Stephanie (Bruno) Castro

The Emory Woman's Club Arts Scholarship

Awarded annually (in sequential rotation) by decision of the faculty of the various Emory College arts departments/programs. Recipient is an arts discipline major in her or his junior or senior year with demonstrated need, merit, and commitment to their major program. Funded by the endowment from a 1998 gift of the Emory University Woman’s Club and intended for such purposes as international study abroad or other enrichments not otherwise available to the recipient. Award is approximately $1,800.

Emory Woman's Club Arts Scholarship Past Recipients

Year Name
2016 Yipei Shao
2012 Emily Kleypas
2008 Stefanie Horowitz
2004 Angela Porter

The Fine Award

Bestowed annually by vote of the Theater Studies faculty on a junior or senior Theater Studies major or minor who has shown outstanding ability in acting. Theater majors and minors vote to acknowledge the faculty member who has done the most to influence the development of his or her students. Established in 2002 by Saralee G. Fine (85G) and Robert A. Fine.

Award amount of $1,000.

Fine Student Award Recipients

Year Name
2018 Margaret Beker
2017 Amina Dunn
2016 Yiran "Charles" Wang
2015 Travis Draper
2014 Julia Weeks
2013 Emily Kleypas
2012 Madeline Teissler
2011 Michael J. Lewis
2010 Sophie Edwards & Claire Rigsby
2009 Alice Bahlke
2008 Penny Flick
2007 Dave Quay
2006 Megan Channell
2005 Angela Porter
2004 Alex Brooks
2003 Raife Baker
2002 Rachel Garner

Fine Faculty Award Recipients

Year Name
2018 Lydia Fort
2017 Aaron Mayer
2016 Donald McManus
2015  Brent Glenn
2014 Michael Evenden
2013 Malina Rodriguez
2012 Sara Culpepper
2011 Janice Akers
2010 John Ammerman
2009 Tim McDonough
2008 Pat Miller
2007 Lisa Paulsen
2006 Wm. Moore
2005 Janice Akers
2004 Michael Evenden
2003 Alice N. Benston
2002 Tim McDonough

The Friends of Theater at Emory Award

Recipients are selected by the Theater Studies faculty with input from the Board of the Friends of Theater at Emory. Two to three awards, endowed through the Theater Endowment Fund, may be given each year:

  • to one or two graduating seniors in recognition of outstanding artistic achievement, leadership, and valuable contribution through a body of work to Theater Emory. Student winners receive a cash ward of $1000.
  • to a professional guest artist with a demonstrated record of mentoring students, artistic achievement, and valuable collaboration through a body of work to Theater Emory.

Friends of Theater at Emory Student Award

Year Name
2018  Adam Friedman
2017 Wala Hassan
2016 Parker Ciliax & Zana Pouncey
2015 Natalia Via & Kristen Wilty
2014 Emma Calabrese, Taylor Claire Kinser & Cody Read
2013 Rachel DelGaudio & Mitchell Amstutz
2012 Christina Barber & Rebecca Lipman
2011 Josh Izaak & Daniel Weiss
2010 Courtney Greever & Eliana Marianes
2009 Christie Pettitt-Schieber & Emma Yarbrough
2008 Leah Hamos & Caitlin Reeves
2007 Dave Quay & Sharon Sibley
2006 Melissa Roy
2005 Christina Wallace
2004 Lauren Gunderson
2003 T. Brian Green & Roy Howington
2002 Lisa Berkowitz
2001 Heather Starkel
2000 Kristen Sandberg
1999 Ariel (Bennett) Fristoe

Friends of Theater at Emory Professional Award

Year Name
2018 Sydney Roberts & Robin Bloodworth
2017 Maureen Downs
2016 Hugh Adams & Jane Garver
2015 Ken Hornbeck & Alan Yeong
2014 Libby Mickle
2013 Julie Richardson
2012 Jude Futral
2011 Allan Edwards
2010 Brian Mercer
2009 Ellen McQueen & Jim Peck
2008 Karen Martin
2007 Jim Donadio
2006 Marshall Marden
2005 Megan (Monaghan) Rivas
2004 Harold Leaver
2003 Carolyn Cook
2002 Scott Higgs
2001 Stuart Culpepper
2000 Margo Kuhne
1999 Janice Akers

The Sudler Prize

The Sudler Prize for Achievement in the Arts is awarded annually to two graduating seniors (one in fine arts and one in performing arts) for outstanding achievement in studio art, creative writing, dance, music, or theater. The recipient need not be an arts major, but should demonstrate the highest degree of artistic excellence. The prize was established at Emory in 1983 by Mr. Louis Sudler, a Chicago businessman, musician, and philanthropist, who endowed the same prize at 14 other universities and colleges, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Chicago, Stanford, Oberlin, and Dartmouth. Prize is accompanied by a cash award of about $6000.

Sudler Prize Past Recipients

Year Name
2014 Julia Weeks
2013 Jacob Krakovsky
2012 Wencong Chen
2011 Sophie Edwards
2009 Greg Lockett
2006 Andrew Simon
2005 Danielle Mindess
2004 Brian Crawford & Lauren Gunderson
2000 Allen Read
1998 Ariel (Bennett) Fristoe
1997 Anna J. Bahney
1993 Catherine E. Larson
1985 Andrew C. Ordover

The Pat Miller Playmaker Award of Theater at Emory

Awarded in recognition of superior contributions to the generation and creation of new plays. This award celebrates Ms. Miller’s two decades of service as Managing Director of Theater Emory and to the Friends of Theater at Emory. First given in 2005.

Pat Miller Playmaker Award Past Recipients

Year Name
2011 Anne Bogart
2008 Bonnie Metzger
2007 Frank Manley
2006 Peter Hardy, The Essential Theatre
2005 Michael Dixon
2005 Out of Hand Theater, Inc.