300-level HLC Elective Options

Theater Studies (THEA) Courses that will satisfy the 300-level HLC elective requirement for majors and minors:

  • THEA 313                        History of American Drama
  • THEA 314                        Twentieth Century Musical Theater
  • THEA 315R                      Studies in Period Drama
  • THEA 316R                      Studies in Genre
  • THEA 317R                      Studies in a Major Figure
  • THEA 340                        Arts Writing and Criticism
  • THEA 365                        Modern Drama (typically cross listed with ENGL 365)
  • THEA 366                        Contemporary Drama (typically cross-listed with ENGL 366)
  • THEA 372R                      Playwriting
  • THEA 375R                      Advanced Playwriting

If the topic or focus of the course is in the area of history, literature, criticism, the following may also be used:

  • THEA 389R                      Special Topics in Theater Studies
  • THEA 397R                      Directed Studies in Theater
  • THEA 497R                      Advanced Directed Studies (was Senior Project in Theater)
  • THEA 499R                      Special Project in Theater

Other departments courses that might be accepted as fulfilling the 300-level HLC electives for Theater Studies majors and minors:


  • ANT 366: Ritual and Shakespeare


  • CL 213: Ancient Comedy
  • CL 214: Ancient Drama
  • CL 289: Studies in Ancient Genres (if the genre studied is drama/theater-themed)
  • CL 412: Classical and Renaissance Drama
  • GRK 312: Tragedy
  • GRK 316: Comedy
  • GRK 412: Aristophanes
  • GRK 413: Sophocles
  • LAT 315: Comedy
  • LAT 411: Plautus and Terence

Creative Writing

  • ENGCW 372WR: Creative Writing: Intermediate Playwriting
  • ENGCW 375WR: Creative Writing: Advanced Playwriting


  • ENG 310: Medieval and Renaissance Drama
  • ENG 311: Shakespeare
  • ENG 312: Studies in Shakespeare
  • ENG 346(W): Contemporary British Theatre
  • ENG 365(W): Modern Drama
  • ENG 366(W): Contemporary Drama
  • ENG 412R: Studies in Shakespeare
  • ENG 481R: Seminar in Drama

German Studies

  • GER 331: German Drama and Poetry
  • GER 431: German Drama
  • GER 482: German Drama 18th & 19th C


  • MUS 113: Introduction to Opera


  • RUSS 310R: Russian Poetry and Drama in the Original
  • RUSS 374(W): Shakespeare in Russian Culture


  • SPAN 312(W): Theories of Hispanic Theater and Film
  • SPAN 330: Theater Workshop in Spanish

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

  • WSG 385: Intro to Performance Studies

Any one-time, special-topics courses that overlap with dramatic literature might also serve as electives. Students might appeal to the Academic Committee for the following courses:


  • PHIL 130: Introduction to Philosophy and Literature
  • PHIL 132: Introduction to Philosophy of Art
  • PHIL 430: Philosophy of Literature