Completing the Major

Theater Studies strongly recommends majors/minors follow these four steps when planning how best to sequence and complete the major/minor course requirements. 
  1. A logical progression in courses is best.
  2. The general principle is to use course numbers as a guide to sequencing.
  3. 100 and 200-level courses should ideally be completed before the beginning of the junior year and, at the very latest, by the beginning of the senior year.
  4. Use the plans outlined below.

As students will declare the major at various points in their undergraduate career, Theater Studies provides plans for completing the major based on how many years (2, 3, or 4) students have to complete the course requirements. These plans represent the ideal progression for completing degree requirements. Majors, while working closely with their theater faculty advisor, should use these when selecting courses each semester. Please note that honors theses or senior projects require considerable advance preparation; thus, theses and projects must also be considered when planning courses.