THEA 200R: Practicum

Course Description

THEA 200R: Theater Practicum is designed to introduce students to the intricacies of running a theater production backstage. Students gain experience in the techniques and procedures of play production by serving as a run crew member for one Theater Emory production. Students who are BBA double majors or enrolled in the Concentration in Arts Management may apply to Theater Emory to fulfill the 200R requirement by way of an administrative position requiring a similar number of hours. Contact the Technical Director, Aaron Mayer, at for more information.

Course Requirements and Facts

  • Theater Practicum is a requirement for the major and the minor. It may be repeated for additional credit.
  • Students should complete the required Theater Practicum by the end of the third (3rd ) semester after declaring the major.
  • In general, this course will consist of 60-70 hours of work during pre-tech, tech, and dress rehearsals, through performances and show strike (a period of about 2 ½ weeks). This will earn 1 credit hour.
  • THEA 200R: Theater Practicum may be completed prior to, or in the same semester as, THEA 130: Stagecraft.
  • No prior experience or training is needed.
  • Full commitment to the specified timeframe is required – without conflicts.
  • No textbook, assignments, or outside work is required; scripts, if needed, are posted on Blackboard.
  • Grades for Theater Practicum are determined by the area supervisor in conference with the Technical Director.
  • Evaluation is based on punctuality, communication, execution of responsibilities, professionalism, and active engagement in the process.

Enrollment Timeline and Procedures

  • Positions and contracts will be available 1 week prior to the beginning of Pre-Registration each semester.
  • Students are to complete the 200R Crew Position Request Form to be placed on the waitlist. Access the form using the link at the bottom of this page. One week prior to the registration window closing, students will be contacted with job assignments and contracts will be signed. 
  • A contract must be signed before enrollment can occur. Contracts are binding; the only exceptions are cases in which are cast in Theater Emory productions. Students may have the option to be reassigned to another TE show during the same semester, if an alternate production is available.
  • Once the contract is signed, the Technical Director will authorize direct enrollment by the department Administrator.
  • Students who are waiting on TE auditions will not be enrolled until casting is announced.

Course Timeline

  • The first class meeting will be scheduled during the semester of enrollment within the first full week of classes. This meeting will cover the syllabus and details.
  • Students will attend the designer run for the show that they will work on. Time and Location will be determined after the semester starts.
  • Students will be contacted 1 week prior to the start of contracts by the Production Stage Manager with a welcome and show details.
  • Students will participate in all agreed upon dates and times through final strike for the show.

200R Crew Position Request Form