The Department of Theater and Dance

Emory’s Department of Theater and Dance is comprised of the autonomous Theater Studies Program and Dance Program.

Founded in 1982, the Theater Studies Program approaches theater as another way of knowing, a discipline that investigates the human condition from the inside. Academically, the program balances a core of required courses with the flexibility to pursue a variety of sequences. At Emory you can find your own path. Majors and minors are not limited by specializing in one area; they are exposed to all aspects of theater: performance; history, literature, and criticism; design and technical theater; and administration. Faculty members pursue theater both as the foundation of a liberal arts education and as a means for serious inquiry, and they prepare students with multiple skill sets and diverse perspectives that will serve them in a wide range of future opportunities.

Emory is a highly ranked research university: No. 21 among national universities and No. 18 among national universities offering the best value to students based on a combination of academic quality and need-based financial aid (U.S. News and World Report 2015). 60% of Emory classes have fewer than 20 students, and the student-faculty ratio is an impressive 8:1. Approximately 32% of Emory undergraduates pursue a double major. Theater majors have also majored (or minored) in a range of disciplines: from business to biology, and from mathematics to music.

Atlanta is a vibrant arts city and the hub of the southeast. It has a strong theater community, with a Tony Award-winning regional theater (the Alliance Theatre) and a diversity of smaller companies: Alliance Theatre, The Center for Puppetry Arts, Horizon Theatre Company, Theatrical Outfit, Synchronicity Theatre, Out Of Hand Theater. Atlanta is also a rapidly growing center for filmmaking, cable programming, and music. Theater majors have interned with many of these companies, and have completed summer internships in New York and Los Angeles.